Wake Up Everybody (Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes)

Wake Up Everbody

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
Wake Up Everybody


“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.– Psalm 119:11

In this episode, we meet up with Loretta Dozier, Founder of Dove Bible Club.

Our discussion is based on Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes’, “Wake Up Everybody” from their 1975 album of the same name.


Loretta Dozier

Loretta Dozier

Founder, Dove Bible Club


Loretta Dozier is a native Floridian, born in Miami, Florida. She is married to Anthony Dozier. Together, they have a son named Anthony Dozier II.

Loretta graduated from Mission Bible College in 2007 and received her 2-year diploma in Biblical Studies. She attends the Mission Church in Palm Bay, FL.

Loretta received her Master’s degree in 1990 and her Bachelor’s Degree in 1984 from Florida State University. Loretta has worked for Brevard Public Schools for 22 years.


Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, an American soul and R&B vocal group, became one of the most popular groups in the 1970s. Founded in Philadelphia, PA, the band was originally names The Charlemagnes.

The group remained, recorded, and performed together until Melvin’s death in 1997. Their classic soul, R&B, doo-wop, and disco classics remain widely popular even with newer artists who readily site them as inspiration in their own music.

Despite, Harold Melvin being the top billing name, Teddy Pendergrass, their lead singer, was the most famous member in the group.

“Wake Up Everybody”
song lyrics:

Wake up everybody no more sleepin’ in bed
No more backward thinkin’ time for thinkin’ ahead
The world has changed so very much
From what it used to be
There is so much hatred war an’ poverty
Wake up all the teachers time to teach a new way
Maybe then they’ll listen to whatcha have to say
‘Cause they’re the ones who’s coming up and the world is in their hands
When you teach the children teach ’em the very best you can
The world won’t get no better if we just let it be
The world won’t get no better we gotta change it yeah, just you and me
Wake up all the doctors make the ol’ people well
They’re the ones who suffer an’ who catch all the hell
But they don’t have so very long before the Judgment Day
So won’tcha make them happy before they pass away
Wake up all the builders time to build a new land
I know we can do it if we all lend a hand
The only thing we have to do is put it in our mind
Surely things will work out they do it every time
The world won’t get no better if we just let it be
The world won’t get no better we gotta change it yeah, just you and me
Change it yeah, change it yeah, just you and me
Change it yeah, change it yeah
Can’t do it alone, need some help y’all
Can’t do it alone
Can’t do it alone yeah, yeah
Wake up everybody, wake up everybody
Need a little help y’all
Need a little help
Need some help y’all
Change the world
What it used to be
Can’t do it alone, need some help
Wake up everybody
Get up , get up, get up, get up
Wake up, come on, come on
Wake up everybody
Victor Carstarphen / John Whitehead / Gene Mcfadden
Wake Up Everybody lyrics
© Warner Chappell Music, Inc

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