Robert Uttaro

To The Survivors


Episode 21:
Stolen Innocence

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Dave & Tyler

Pulp Christian Podcast

Annie Lobert

Hookers For Jesus


Episode 19:
Slam The Door

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Brenda Michelle Robinson

Anatomy of the Sacred

Loretta Dozier

Dove Bible Club


Episode 16:
Are You Awake?

Dove Bible Club is a fun, exciting and adventurous after school Bible Club that will use the Old and New Testaments of the Bible to affirm, encourage, and support students in their intellectual, behavioral, and spiritual development. Students in grades K-12 are welcome to join us.


Wildman & Steve

The Wildman & Steve Show

Jeff Rogers

GO Serminary


Episode 14:
Jammed Frequency

Jeff Rogers and his wife, Vicki, have worked with GO Ministries, Inc. for more than 18 years. Through church planting and community development they help equip church leaders for incarnational ministry and missional life.


Calico Cooper

Beasto Blanco


Episode 13:
Go Big Or Go Home

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Reece, Bryce, & Liam


Episode 12:
Stop Digging, Look Up

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Sophie Dorsten



Episode 11:
Sing A New Song

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Randy Spencer

Alice Cooper's Solid Rock


Episode 11:
Sing A New Song

Randy works at creating awareness and revenue-generating partnerships for Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock. His work has helped them partner with various businesses and organizations.

If you have something to donate or would like to contact him, please find his contact information below:
email: randy@alicecoopersolidrock.com or phone: 602.522.9200

Amy-Lynn Howson



Episode 10:
His Love Was Too

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Pastor Paul Ahnert

Metal Mission of Knoxville


Episode 9:
His LOVE is One Size-Fits-All

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Pastor Paul and his

Pastor Paul Ahnert is one of the pastors associated with Metal Mission of Knoxville (MMOK) and The Fringe, an outreach ministry focused on those who see themselves on the “fringes of society.”

Patrick Shipley

Faith Head, Bassist


Episode 8:
Let’s Learn To Live Again

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Clay Hatton

Spirit Music Group


Episode 7:
Don’t Go It Alone

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Clay & Spirit Music Group:

Clay Hatton was born into a family of Bluegrass pioneers in Vincennes, IN. He spent many years basking in the musical talent of many generations before him.

Clay works for Spirit Music Group as an advocate for songwriters – registering their songs and ensuring that they receive any future royalty payments for their works.

Christopher Long



Episode 6:
Take His Hand

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Bob Raleigh

Cumulus Media


Episode 5:
Awaken And See

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CJ, Maggie, & LuLu



Episode 4:
I Won’t Give Up

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Thomas Johns

Founder, Dead To Self Radio

Episode 3:
A Child’s Faith

In 2004, Thomas Johns founded “The Refinery Rock Radio,” a syndicated show that would ultimately become “Dead To Self Radio (D2S).”

The station delivers high-quality Christian & positive rock from the 1970s up to today. Their mission is to be a source of safe, positive, and encouraging entertainment, and the name is derived from Colossians 3:5.

Kerry Fink

Founder/CEO, TYG Media


Episode 2:
Do This, Don’t Do That

Dr. Kerry Fink, CEO of TYG Media, has utilized his over 40+ years of multi-media and marketing experience, business management skills, and corporate consulting tools to offer a full-service Christian Multi-Media firm.

TYG Media focuses on developing and producing movies, television, radio, print, and digital products to a wide array of clients. Some of these are AEA Ministries, Chesapeake Bible College, Transforming Your City, and the Helping Seniors Network.