The Seeker (Beasto Blanco)

The Seeker

Beasto Blanco
We Are

“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:31

In this episode, we meet up with Calico Cooper, Vocalist & Theatrics (Beasto Blanco). Our discussion is based on her band’s song, “The Seeker” from their 2019 album, “We Are.”

We also take some time to discuss Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock and the teens she’s worked with at The Rock.


Calico Cooper

Calico Cooper

Vocals & Theatrics, Beasto Blanco


Calico Cooper’s career spans more than two decades. As one of Beasto Blanco’s lead performers, she portrays the character and persona of “The Motor Queen.” Her vocals and theatrics are an integral part of the band’s concept and experience.

She has also spent time directing, acting, and choreographing in the entertainment world. Beginning her career with her father, Alice Cooper, Calico was featured on the “Brutal Planet” tour and played the infamous “Nurse Rozetta” and “Cold Ethyl” for a considerable time during Alice’s career and tours as well.

Beasto Blanco, an American band, conceptualized by Chuck Garric and Chris “Brother” Latham, combines “intelligence, melodicism, and musicality” into an intense package of hard-hitting Rock. Their shows are filled with high energy and a unique stage presence highlighted by the chemistry and dynamics of front-man Garric and vocalist/theatrical performer Calico Cooper.

Their latest album, We Are, released in 2019, is an album that calls upon listeners to stand up – get up out of whatever mess you’re currently in. The message revolves around the premise that alone we can’t, but together, “WE ARE.”

“If you are a blue-collar person who gets up and busts your ass every day or if you’re a working mother who doesn’t get any sleep, then you’re in the tribe.  We write about people who are downtrodden and overlooked, but they don’t say ‘Hey, look at me.’  They have a silent strength to them – and they make the world go round.”Calico Cooper

“The Seeker” song lyrics:

Searched for a preacher but instead I found a raven
Heathen sung a wasted song in wicked key
He crowed a riddle with a tremble at the moral
“Truth will you get you nowhere lies will set you free”

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

The meaning carved a scar too deep to know for certain
Bird took to sky and left me choking on the verses
Deceit is gold, truth never told so she’s the hunted
Beloved mother with her arms around the serpent

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

Follow the sound
Look towards the ground

Her demon seed that lies inside won’t be forsaken
Absence of map that can reveal where treasure taken
The bloody trail she left is banquet for the glutton
Metallic spice escaped, her iron will awaken

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

Follow the sound
Look towards the ground

Redeem her Go seek her
She knows not what she does
They’ll kill her like the lamb

She’s so far away like a reverie
She thinks she’s alive, but she wastes away
Carries lies like a heavy load

She opens her eyes for the fatal blow/to break the code
She feels it inside
Raven amplified
Carries lies like a heavy load
Carries lies like a heavy load
She carries lies until they explode

There’s no mercy
Hot she’s burning
They’re all about to find it
But she stumbles on the wording
Crow cries liars

Songwriters: Beasto Blanco

The Seeker lyrics
© BMG Rights Management US, LLC

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